House Rules

 (Currently under review - November 1, 2019)
  • For the safety and security of our members, all members are required to have their membership cards available when visiting the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is open from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm. Members and guests occupying bedrooms may enter the Clubhouse after 11:00 pm to access their bedrooms only; however, they must show their room key to Security upon entering the Club. Club management and staff are authorized to ask members to present their membership cards.
  • Guests of members must wait for members in the First Floor lobby of the clubhouse. 
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Clubhouse except by advanced permission of management. Overnight guests will be required to sign a Pet Consent Waiver. Registered Service Dogs are always permitted.
  • Cellular phone use is restricted to the following areas:
    First Floor: By the Reception Desk, Coat Check and charging stations. Business Center Cell Phone Booths.  Second and Fourth Floors: Corridors with house phones and restrooms. Cellular phone use is not permitted on the Third Floor. Online services, such as Skype/FaceTime are prohibited inside the public areas of the Clubhouse. Texting by cellular phone is permitted as long as the device is silenced.
  • Members are required to check overcoats and bags at the coatroom in the lobby. Outer-garments such as jackets, sweaters, or shawls are not permitted to be placed over chairs or furniture in the Members’ Lounge, Library, Business Center or dining rooms.  Outer garments must be checked in if not worn. Briefcases must be discreetly placed under desks or chairs in the Business Center, Lounge or Library.
  • The Members' Lounge is to be utilized by Princeton Club Members and Registered Hotel Guests only. Day Pass holders are restricted from use of this area. Business Meetings which require laptops and/or display of papers are not permitted. A  conversation among two or three people is permissible. Club employees have been instructed to call attention to violations and to request that the member conform to the rules. Members who refuse to remedy a violation may be escorted from the Clubhouse and subject to disciplanary action.
  • The Club’s address or telephone numbers may not be used on a member’s business related materials.
  • Member’s  address or telephone numbers may never  be revealed without permission from the member.
  • Working Press and members of the media are not permitted in the Clubhouse except by permission of management. Photography and audiovisual recordings of any kind are not permitted inside the Clubhouse except by permission of management.
  • Club employees are not to be sent out of the Clubhouse on errands by a member.
  • Cash tipping of club employees is not permitted (fitness trainers, and masseurs or masseuses are not Club employees).
  • The Club cannot be responsible for articles left in the coatroom or in other areas of the Clubhouse left unattended. The coatroom is not intended for long-term storage of articles. Items left for more than 30 days will be discarded.
  • Safe deposit boxes are available at the Reception Desk for overnight guests only. Valuables should not be left in bedrooms.
  • No food or drink may be brought in from the outside for consumption inside the Clubhouse with the exception of Registered Hotel guests consuming food or drink within their bedrooms. No food from the dining rooms is permitted inside the Members’ Lounge, Library or Business Center.
  • The Fourth Floor and attached terrace is reserved for members and guests attending private functions or Club sponsored events/programs.
  • Any form of harassment based on sex, race, color, religion, National origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or any other factor illegal under Federal, State or City law is expressly prohibited.  Improper interference with the ability of employees to perform their expected duties is not acceptable.  This policy covers all of the Club’s employees and members without exception.  The Club will not condone or allow harassment, whether engaged in by members, guests, fellow employees, supervisors, independent contractors or others who conduct business with the Club.
  • Members who have been out of school five or more years and - reside in or have their principal place of business within New York City - are assigned a food and beverage minimum of $50.00 per quarter. If the minimum is not met, you will be billed $50.00 or the remainder of the minimum balance on your house account plus tax.
  • Members are required to notify the Membership Office, within 15 days, with changes of residence, employment, occupation, or other pertinent data that may affect Club mailings and/or membership dues.
  • Minors (under 16 years of age) are prohibited from using the fitness facility, unless accompanied by an adult. Minors accompanied by an adult may play squash and occupy the athletic lounge.
  • All comments, suggestions, requests, or complaints should be made in writing to the House Committee via the Executive Office.
  • Club management is empowered to enforce the House Rules on behalf of the House Committee. Management will refer members who continue to violate the House Rules to the House Committee which is authorized, subject to review by the Board of Governors, to suspend or limit any of the privileges of such members.
  • Smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, pipes, and cigars are not permitted in the Clubhouse. Overnight guests found to have been smoking in their rooms, will be charged a $175 Deep Cleaning Fee to remove the odor.
  • Account balances are due in full upon receipt of monthly statements.
  • Questions about monthly statements or account balances should be directed to the Accounting Office (212.596.1220).
  • Credit Card Payments will be assessed a $5.00 plus tax admin fee.
  • Late Fees: Account balances over 30 days are subject to a monthly $25.00 late fee and 1.5% monthly interest charge (18%APR). Balances over 60 days are subject to a monthly $50.00 late fee and 1.5% monthly interest charge (18% APR).
  • Unpaid balances over 60 days (including late fees and interest charges) will automatically result in suspension of your account. To reactivate your account, you must call the accounting office to pay your outstanding balance and agree to place a valid credit card on file to settle all future account balances automatically for each months billing cycle. Balances that remain unpaid over 90 days will result in automatic expulsion and will be forwarded to collection and may incur additional legal fees associated with the process.
  • Resignation Membership automatically renews on July 1st for 12 months unless written notice is received 30 days prior to the July 1st renewal date. Midyear resignations are not permitted and all fees are non-refundable.
  • All รก la carte food & beverage charges are subject to an 18% service charge and 8.875% sales tax.
  • Assessment Fees are mandatory fees that are used to fund clubhouse improvements. They are billed at the beginning of the fiscal year and are payable upon receipt of statement.
  • Check cashing is available at the Reception Desk under terms established by management and subject to available funds. Amount limited to $100.
  • Member's can sponsor a family member or friend to visit the clubhouse by contacting the reception desk or the Membership Office.  
  • The cost for a Hotel Registered Guest Card is a one-time fee to the member of $5.00 and provides full use of the Clubhouse while the guest is registered in a hotel room.
  • A Visitors Day Pass is for daily use of the Clubhouse.  A Day Pass costs $20.00 per day and includes the use of the Business Center, Gym, Locker Rooms and Dining Rooms. (Restriction: No Members' Lounge access)
    By requesting either a Hotel Registered Guest Card or Visitor Day Pass, the member agrees to guarantee payment of all charges incurred by the guest. Upon arrival, all guests are required to register with the front desk to receive their Guest Card or Day Pass. A guest may choose to settle his or her account by presenting a valid, major credit card rather than charging to the sponsoring member’s account. When requesting a Card or Pass, the member must include his/her account number, name of the guest, and the date(s) the guest will be using the Club facilities. Guest Cards are valid for a maximum period of two weeks and can not be requested for the same guest more than twice in one year. A guest must settle his or her account with a major credit card when the sponsoring member is not paying the guest charges.  The guest card or pass must be carried with the guest at all times and presented to the captain, waiter, or gym attendant before using the club facilities. Services will not be provided without a valid guest card. We encourage you to visit our website at and learn about our services and facilities prior to your arrival.
  • A Guest Card may not be issued to the same guest more than twice in one year.
  • Club events and programs are open to members in good standing, Hotel Registered Guests and Reciprocal Club members in possession of a Hotel Registered Guest Card or a Day Pass.
  • A member may not sign up a guest for an event or program unless the member will be accompanying the guest.
  • Members are encouraged to make advanced reservations and respect RSVP dates to avoid cancellation of events and programs or a cancellation fee. Out-of-Club ticketed events (including, but not limited to, theater or sponsoring events) are final sale and non-refundable.
  • A complete list of the Programs/Events Reservation Policy can be found at the Front Desk of the Clubhouse or at
  • Smart Casual Attire is required throughout the Clubhouse as described below: The following guidelines should help you determine what is and is not smart casual dress. It is important to note that our Smart Casual Dress Code applies seven days of the week, with the exception of weekends during the Memorial Day thru Labor Day holiday time period, which is specified below.
  • For men, Smart Casual includes collared shirts, dress shirts, button downs, golf shirts, turtlenecks or sweaters, blazers or sport jackets, tailored trousers, denim jeans, and loafers or lace-up shoes with socks. Hats are not permitted in the Club.
  • For women, Smart Casual includes collared shirts or blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters, skirts or tailored pants, denim jeans, and flats, pumps, boots or dress sandals. Fashion hats or head coverings are permitted.
  • Relaxed Casual Attire is permitted through the clubhouse only during the Memorial Day thru Labor Day holiday time period on weekends only starting at 5:00 pm on Fridays. Acceptable “Relaxed Casual Attire” is only allowed on the A-Level and Squash & Fitness Center.  It provides for the wearing of knee length shorts and athletic shoes. This attire is allowed in the Clubhouse, with the exception of the Nassau 1756, Members’ Lounge and Library.
  • Inappropriate attire includes but is not limited to: torn or frayed denim jeans, shorts, tee shirts (sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halter tops, crop tops), sandals (beach sandals, Birkenstocks, flip flops), athletic wear of any kind (sweatshirts, rugby shirts, sweatpants,  jogging suits, spandex, lycra, or caps), torn clothing (clothing with holes or frayed ends), clothing with offensive or profane language, and excessively revealing clothing. Exception is when members and guests are going directly to the overnight rooms or athletic floors.
  • Nassau 1756 (Dining Room): Jacket required. Casual Attire for men with tie optional. Comparable attire for ladies.
  • Members and their guests are asked to respect the sensibilities of other members by striving to uphold standards of dignity and good taste in wardrobe selection.